PCB Design & Manufacturing - New Product Innovation

PCB Design & Manufacturing - New Product Innovation

Need PCB design support to drive your new product innovation?

As PCB design and manufacturing experts, we have a real soft-spot of partnering with entrepreneurs who require some help with new product innovation. With our extensive experience and specialism in low volume, high quality niche PCB manufacturing, we’re here to help you take your new product idea and turn it into a reality…

We’re not really ones for self-promotion here at Daletech, but following some super successful PCB design and manufacturing projects for niche electronics products, we’re all geared up and excited to see what other innovations we can lend our support to… because we don’t just deliver extensive expertise, but we do it with bundles of enthusiasm too!

So this piece is all about you: the entrepreneurial innovators who are looking for powerful, bespoke PCB solutions to ensure their product performs exactly as it should for end-consumers.

More than just PCB design support and manufacturing 

One of the things that makes us a little different to other electronics manufacturers is that we genuinely see ourselves as part of your core product innovation team – if you require that level of support, of course.

Rather than just design and manufacture PCBs, we play a deeply invested role in product innovation, drawing on our various skill-sets and capabilities to get your product to market efficiently and with reliable functionality.

So if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a trusted electronics manufacturer, here’s a quick rundown of why Daletech may be what you’re looking for…

Navigating the global supply chain

We’ve talked at length before about the current supply chain issues impacting the electronics industry. We’ll make no bones about it: sourcing components is a bit of a nightmare at the moment.

However, with a trusted supply chain to call on that we’ve been developing for over 30 years, we’re able to help ensure that the design, prototyping and manufacturing process runs pretty smoothly. Our trusted suppliers are able to help us source and procure rare or less readily available components, and if all else fails, we have an alternative…

Technical expertise and advice

In the face of supply chain issues, new product innovation can be hindered by lack of the right components. With our vast experience in fast-thinking and our electronics know-how, we have the in-house expertise to rethink your PCBs to find alternative approaches or components, keeping the process moving and avoiding pauses in development and production.

With decades of exploring a wide range of applications and helping to develop products across lots of sectors, our input at innovation stage helps us mitigate potential problems.

Every project we work on involves a focus on:

  • Forward thinking
  • Future proofing
  • Future functionality
    … so we look at the practicalities of your product, think about future upgrades and ensure your PCB design is fit for the final product, as well as future iterations.

Quality assurance

We work to ISO 9001:2015, assuring you of our PCB manufacturing quality. We’re process-driven, ensure everything stage of your PCB development is documented and test every product using AOI (automated optical inspection) before it leaves our facility.

Everything we do is 100% open and transparent. If there’s an issue with component sourcing we’ll tell you straight away and propose a solution. If there’s likely to be a change in costs, we’ll discuss this with you before we do anything to incur them. You can trust us, and the quality of our PCB design and manufacturing services. That’s a guarantee. 

Electronics industry insight

With our MD, Tracey Dawson, heading up the Leeds Manufacturing Alliance as their trusted Chair, we’re also privy to in-depth industry insights, as well as a close-up view of regional manufacturing too.

This has allowed us to enhance our network and access additional support for our product innovator and entrepreneurial clients. Our connections are pretty much unparalleled. And we’re extremely proud of this.

Product innovation savings

When we talk about savings, we’re not just talking costs – although of course we try to keep these as low for you as possible.

We also work on a lot of new product innovations that have a strong focus on energy savings and efficiency. A lot of our low volume, niche electronic manufacturing support in recent years has been around sustainability and more ‘green’ products.

From helping to develop and manufacture energy saving monitors, electric boilers, to high-end musical equipment and even automatic drink dispensing solutions, we can design PCBs that make your product as efficient as we can achieve.

Additional electronic manufacturing support

With our trusted suppliers and understanding of electronic manufacturing in a broader sense, we don’t stop at PCB design support and manufacturing. No, we can also harness our connection to help you source other materials you need to manufacture your new products.

So if you need help with jet moulding, plastics or even product assembly, just let us know and we’ll help you to keep as many aspects of your project under one roof, for a smoother journey from the innovation stage, to the manufacture of shelf-ready products. 

Talk to a PCB design and manufacturing expert…

Communication is key in any business relationship, so we’re always up for an informal chat to see how we can help you develop your product.

From PCB design support to prototyping and PCB manufacturing, if you’re an entrepreneur with a new product, innovation is our thing – just give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain how we can add value its development.  

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