PCB Assembly

Flexible low volume, high quality niche manufacturing. Quality assured by IPC trained engineers.

We focus on low to medium volume, high quality niche products. These products are then used in highly varying, stressful environments and it is therefore essential we can provide a guarantee of PCB manufacture quality.

Our trained engineers and cutting edge SMT (Surface Mount Technology) guarantee precision assembly that is subject to rigorous compliance and safety checks. Quality assurance is also guaranteed through our technology investment, such as the Vision Engineering EVOCAM’s, that provide exceptional detail for inspection.

We specialise in low volume, high quality electronic manufacturing, which includes prototypes and small batch pre-production runs. We then provide manufacturing reports and regular meetings at all manufacturing stages. This provides real value in reviewing manufacturing processes and creates a working partnership to ensure the best for your product.

Some of the sectors in which we are involved are:

  • Medical / Life Sciences
  • Energy
  • Security
  • Defence
  • Scientific Instruments

Alongside SMT manufacturing, through-hole components and final-hand assembly remain an essential part of contract electronics manufacturing that we are capable of providing.

From PCB to complete product assembly

Your satisfaction is always our upmost priority, and it’s our aim to help you minimise expenditure and risks, while managing fluctuating market demands.

Some of our core contract electronic manufacturing services (CEM) include:

  • Complete Product Assembly
    From simple systems to complex products with multiple components and sub-assemblies, we offer intelligent, effective solutions for any industry.
  • SMT Assembly
    Our investment in the latest SMT placement technology enables fast production, while our rigorous inspection procedures ensure quality.
  • Through Hole Assembly
    Complementing our SMT assemblies, we can also provide manual through-hole assembly with wave solder for mixed technology flexibility
  • PCB Assembly
    We can cater for any type of PCB assembly, including single and double-sided, multi-layer, flexis, flexi-rigid and high temperature and high power circuits.
Electronics Manufacturing

We’ll work closely with you in order to tailor our manufacturing facilities to your exact specifications. We also offer a full design and rework services, and adhere to our strict customer care values at all time.

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