Electronic Repair Services for PCBs

Electronic repair services for PCBs

In addition to our PCB design and manufacturing support, we also offer high quality electronic repair services and PCB refurbishments.

Our PCB repairs offer a range of benefits, allowing you to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Bypass supply chain issues
  • Save money

As we drive our own business towards achieving Net Zero, we decided it was time to utilise our skills and help clients improve their own sustainability too. While most electronics last for around 5-8 years, just because they start to fail, doesn’t mean they’re useless – it’s just a matter of maintenance.

PCB repairs to maximise value  

Working on the ethos of ‘repair, not replace’ allows you to hugely increase the longevity of your circuit boards, while ensuring PCB components that are becoming harder and more expensive to source don’t go to waste.

Our PCB repair and refurbishment services allow you to maximise your initial investment in your electronics and machinery assets. By repairing aged components, your boards can keep on running effectively and efficiently – without the cost, hassle and potential down-time of complete replacement.

With our experience in low volume/high mix electronic manufacturing, we’ll assess and cost all PCB repairs in the first instance to ensure the right solution for your electronic equipment.

By offering a full sustainability review, we can ensure that our electronic repair services will improve efficiency, while also saving you money – if that’s not the case, we’ll be 100% upfront with you.


Electronic repairs and refurbishments you can trust

Whether your boards need extensive repairs or a simple ‘tweak’ to bring them back up to standard, we have the technical knowledge, equipment and manual skills to deliver.

If you’d like to discuss a PCB repair or refurbishment project with our electronic repair experts, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.



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