Supporting UK manufacturers with expert PCB rework services

Supporting UK manufacturers with expert PCB rework services

Published Friday 31st January, 2020

The UK manufacturing industry has been making great gains over recent years – but for this upward trend to continue, many manufacturers rely on PCB rework services from UK EMS providers to ensure their products stand up to consumer requirements.   

 A PCB rework can be required for a number of reasons, such as:

- A change in product specifications
- Product or component failure
- Functionality upgrades 

In order to remain competitive, many UK manufacturers have their products - or certain components - made and shipped in from overseas, usually the Far East. This outsourcing is nothing new, allowing manufacturers to keep production costs down for a healthier profit margin.
But as with anything you buy on a budget, there’s a risk that you ‘get what you pay for’... in this case, quality issues that sometimes need rectifying before the product is ready for marketing in the UK, or exporting further afield.

The benefits of PCB rework services to manufacturers

For a product to be profitable, it has to be functional, robust and reliable. Circuit boards and other critical components are complex, and things can go wrong – this can post-production/pre-sale or sometimes an issue develops post-sale, and the remaining stock needs to be reworked in order to replace failed items and for the product to continue to be saleable. 

Even if everything is working fine and the products are flying off the shelves, consumer demand and the modern pace of technology means people are on an eternal search for ‘bigger, better, more’. We want faster functionality, improved options, enhanced iterations – and manufacturers have to keep up if they want to keep or increase their market share. 

PCB rework services are the answer to these problems, offering three key benefits to manufacturers: 

- Saves money 
- Prevents wastage – nobody wants to bin their stock!
- Gets products to market faster

As soon as an issue or required upgrade is identified, a PCB rework specialist will design a strategy to bring the product up to speed. Rather than starting from scratch, you can retain the ‘shell’ of the product, simply reworking the circuit board or replacing components for a fast but effective fix that keeps production costs down and gets the product on/back on the shelves quicker. 

How can our EMS experts help you?

While we specialise in low volume/high mix electronic manufacturing, we can provide PCB rework services to OEMs in any volume – although depending on the scope of the project, we sometimes need to do batch runs of several shipments to save on production and storage space!

We can work on circuit boards independently for you to finish off the manufacturing process in-house, or we can do a total rework; unpack, rework, repack and reseal the product ready for you to sell. Our capacity to replace components down to 0201 means that we’ve yet to face a challenge we can’t overcome. 
We’ve worked on a wide range of PCB rework projects, from a simple LED change in a stock of emergency beacons, to more complex reworks that have required in-depth consultation and development to ensure they meet client objectives. 

 If you’d like more information about our SMT and PCB rework services, drop us a line and our team will be happy to help – or you can even book a tour of our facilities if you fancy a cuppa and a look around. 

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