Outsourcing electronics manufacturing - benefits to OEMs

Published Wednesday 9th May, 2018

For OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) there's a strong argument to be made in regard to outsourcing electronics manufacturing, and the tangible benefits this approach can offer over in-house production.

Handing over this crucial aspect of your business to a dedicated electronics contractor frees up your internal resources to focus on company development and providing your customers with the best possible service.

But that's not all...

The top four benefits of outsourcing manufacturing

1. Design input - A high-quality electronics manufacturer will often be able to add some input at the design stage, once the project has been handed over to them. Of course your design team will have done a great job, but it's always handy to have a fresh set of eyes look at the final design of your circuit boards, especially when this is their primary expertise. We can often suggest subtle alterations to the design to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness or reliability - a service that we consider essential in order to provide the highest quality final product and best return on investment.

2. Infrastructure - Manufacturing a new product in-house may appear to offer some security - after all, you can oversee the entire project - but the cost of setting up the specialist equipment necessary for a single product will undoubtedly affect your bottom line and create additional budgetary problems should the equipment become obsolete post-production. Assigning manufacture to experts who already have the infrastructure and equipment ready and waiting means that you can bring your product to market more efficiently and with less impact on your profit margins. This leads us onto our next point...

3. Capacity and flexibility - With means of production in place, your electronics outsourcing partner can quickly respond to demand for more units, while also offering assurance that there will be no drop in quality. At Daletech we pride ourselves on the investment we make both in our machinery and our relationships with OEMs – which means that we can be flexible, responsive and continue to offer our expertise whenever our valued clients demand a quick response.

4. Quality - Perhaps the most important reason to outsource to an expert is quality. Why risk potential design, production and reliability issues by setting up manufacture in-house when there are companies that live and breathe quality, and ensure every step of the process - from design to manufacture and distribution - is handled with skill, experience and in-depth knowledge?

Outsourcing electronics manufacturing is important and shouldn't be taken lightly, but we hope that our insight into the potential benefits of this process helps you to make the right choice for your organisation - whatever that may be!

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