Electronics, Innovation and UK Manufacturing

Electronics, Innovation and UK Manufacturing

Published Monday 27th January, 2020

Supporting innovation in the UK manufacturing industry with electronics 
Since the industrial revolution, the UK manufacturing industry has been a big global player and the country is predicted to become among the top 5 largest manufacturers by the year 2022 – and innovations in electronics play a significant role in the advancement of these successes...
As technology continues to advance at an almost alarming rate, these developments are often only made possible by increasingly sophisticated electronics and PCBs – powering actions and intelligence in products and equipment that meet consumer demands.   
At Daletech, we’re truly passionate about supporting and collaborating with the UK manufacturing industry, partnering with businesses for the long-term to help them build, rework and improve their products to meet buyer needs as expectations continually increase.

How electronics power the manufacturing industry 
PCBs play an intrinsic part in so many products manufactured in the UK and across the world. You’ll find them in a range of items used across a range of sectors, such as:

- Medical/life sciences
- Energy
- Security 
- Defence
- Scientific instrumentation
- Consumer products
- Engineering 

However, for these products to be a success, manufacturers need to know they have an electronics partner that can consistently deliver reliable and robust PCBs, designed to deliver first-class results. 
By ensuring collaboration at the outset, manufacturers and electronics suppliers can troubleshoot potential performance issues and minimise the risk of breakdown/recalls/compromised product lifespan. Close working is essential for this, which is why it makes sense to partner with a UK-based EMS provider.
Sourcing electronics support in-country has become an increasingly popular approach with manufacturers over the years, as advancing tech has made this robustness and level of quality even more essential in an ever-growing competitive landscape. In fact, UK electronics was the fastest growing manufacturing sector in 2018 – perhaps indicative of this mutually supportive manufacturing environment. 

Our approach – electronics support manufacturers can rely on
With meticulous testing practices, we have an impressive track-record for delivering PCB design and production facilities that help our clients, in turn, deliver quality products to their customers – both in the UK and across the world. 
Because of this, many of our UK manufacturing clients stay with us for the long-term, trusting us to accompany them on their development journey.
For example, one of our clients - a large, established welding equipment manufacturer - has been choosing us as their EMS provider for over 25 years now, due to the high levels of support we offer in product design, development and manufacture
Operating in a very competitive sector and with 80% of their products being exported for global sale, they rely on the reassurance that their equipment won’t fail in the field. 

Our input into these successes is one of our motivations for continual improvement, knowing that our PCBs and EMS support is helping the UK manufacturing industry not just to survive, but thrive. 

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