Careers in electronics – accessing the industry through an electronics apprenticeship

Published Thursday 23rd May, 2019

There are various routes in when it comes to careers in electronics, and one increasingly popular way of accessing the industry is through an electronics apprenticeship.

Here at Daletech we're big advocates of apprenticeships across all manufacturing industries, as a way to help close the skills gap that seems to have broadened as the Baby Boomer generation hit retirement. But while companies may be keen, what about the apprentices themselves?

With three of our own apprentices now embarking on their careers in electronics, we thought we'd see what they make of their experiences so far.

Exploring engineering with an electronics apprenticeship

If like Dylan, our Level 2 electronics apprentice, you're keen to carve out a career in electronic engineering, then this apprenticeship is a great gateway into the industry.

When asked Dylan why he chose this pathway and how he’s finding his experience so far – this was his response:

"I wanted to learn a craft in the engineering industry and the electronics aspect of engineering has always intrigued me. An apprenticeship was definitely the best option for me, and I enjoy the working environment here at Daletech.

An average day for me consists of pre-forming components and then building a predetermined number of boards, often working alongside my colleague Dale. My aim is to complete my 4 year apprenticeship in electronics, obtain a merit and become a production engineer on the shop floor."

Alternative careers in electronics

Careers in electronics don't necessarily have to relate to the manufacturing side of things though. Industry also needs workers behind the front line, managing the business and supply chain side of things.

At Daletech, we’re lucky enough to have not one, but two business administration apprentices working with us: Amy, studying at Level 3 and her colleague Scott, studying at Level 2. Here’s what they have to say about their apprenticeships...

For Amy, university wasn’t the right path, but with the help of her college and family, she followed her interest in manufacturing and found her way to us: "I enjoy the manufacturing industry as a whole. It interests me as you see a product come alive from an idea on a piece of paper, to a functioning product that can be used. My job involves effectively communicating information to every member of the team, to ensure everyone knows when parts are coming in, what orders need fulfilling and things like that.

I take care of lots of other things too, such as sales enquiries and orders, production planning, quotes, deliveries, customer service, purchasing, and chasing suppliers. Every day at Daletech is different, which makes it really exciting!"

For Scott, after realising he wasn’t enjoying his time at college, a relative who works in engineering suggested moving into either an apprenticeship in electronic or mechanical engineering:

"I settled on an electronics apprenticeship as it was more suitable for my grades," says Scott. "I enjoy my days much better here than at college, it's very varied. I take care of various administration tasks - I check stock in, check stock from previous jobs to save us buying components in again, and I'm also involved in purchasing the components once the latest pricing and stock has been inputted in to a spreadsheet.

I also do costings for quotations – so if a customer asks for a certain quantity with certain components, it's my job to find the latest prices so I can provide an accurate quote."

Not sure if an electronics apprenticeship is for you?

If you’re interested in careers in electronics, but this doesn't feel quite like the right fit, keep an eye out for our next post - where we'll explore alternative routes into the industry outside of electronics apprenticeships.

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