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  • Rework of electronic sub assemblies SMT and through hole

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    We pride ourselves on our working partnerships with both customers and suppliers which enables us to provide the most cost effective, efficient manufacture.


About Us

Daletech Electronics was established in 1987 by three young engineers. Andrew Shenton (our Production Director) is still here!

Colin Dawson (who sadly passed away in July 2016) joined full time in 1993 and his wife Tracey (who has also worked at Daletech for over 20 years) accepted the role of Managing Director in September 2016. We have always traded from Leeds and have been situated in Pudsey for 20 years. Pudsey is situated in the middle of Leeds and Bradford.

We manufacture the electronics for:

Rycroft Vari- E- Breeze
Rycroft HT Breeze

Plate heat exchangers provide a fast reacting and variable response to hot water demands, especially when those demands can change in seconds from, say, a single tap to a multiple shower operation. The new Vari-E-breeze combines a plate exchanger with the variable speed technology pump, giving closer control of output, greater speed of response and therefore, enhanced energy efficiency and lower running costs

Our emphasis is always on excellent electronic manufacturing – you can be guaranteed that your product will be manufactured to the highest standards. We are a strong committed team at Daletech and because we do not have any products of our own – your product is our priority.

We have an open door policy to customers, staff and suppliers and everything we do is transparent and open. We believe in creating good open relationships.

Our engineers are all fully trained and we invest in our staff utilising our own in house training and external resources. We understand that investment into equipment is essential in this industry and we have a programme of continual investment and upgrade.

We cover all areas of industry and are able to offer expertise in commercial/industrial applications; medical and defence and energy and environment. We are able to manufacture your product to your specification including full testing. As an ISO company everything we do is traceable from the moment an enquiry is made.

We can take your idea/concept and design a product that you need that incorporates all the functions that you want.

Our manufacturing capabilities are excellent. Testimony to this is the fact that our customers stay with us year after year.

Please call and chat to us – we want to help.

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